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International Ed Kicks Off 2nd Semester of Global Friends

January 23, 2017

Last semester, the Office of International Education launched a new program geared toward connecting domestic and international students together. The program, gFriends, which stands for Global Friends, was deemed a success and received positive feedback from many of the participants. 

Overall, 50 students from 16 countries participated. Students were mostly pleased with how the program went, and shared how the program helped them break down stereotypes and have a newfound appreciation for the cultures they learned about.

This semester, the program is hoping to have more American students participate, whether they are studying abroad, in a foreign language class or simply have the desire to learn about other cultures. This cultural exchange also helps international students practice their English and really acclimate and learn about American social norms. There will also be multiple meet-ups throughout the semester to give the students more opportunities to get together as a larger group, outside of meetings with individual gfriends.

For a video from last semester events, click here.

Students can stop by the Office of International Education and apply to the program or apply online now by visiting the link provided:

The first gFriends event will take place at 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3. A location in the Memorial Union will be announced later. Students must have their application turned in by Feb. 1.



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