Students move in to Trusler Hall

January 21, 2014

Today was move-in day for students of Singular Hall who claimed their rooms in the newly renovated Trusler Hall.Nearly 120 first-year students at

Emporia State University started the spring semester with a move. Residents who lived in Singular Hall during the fall semester moved into the newly renovated Trusler Hall.

Singular, built in 1959, and Trusler, built in 1963, share common spaces in the middle of the building. The building is connected to the Towers Complex on the east to comprise new-student housing at the university.

The renovation of 60 student rooms included adding a sink/vanity with a mirror to each room. Each floor has community restrooms for residents designed with three large sink/vanities, three toilets and five showers that added changing stalls.

Lounges on each floor include 40-inch flat screen televisions and modern, comfortable furniture. Some floors include separate study rooms that groups can use for projects.

The new spaces added technology — wireless internet, two Ethernet connection ports in rooms, five outlets for electronic devises — as well as free laundry and cable television provided in lounges.

Students living in Singular packed up their rooms before leaving for the winter break. Beginning noon Sunday, they moved into their new rooms in Trusler and worked to design their living space.

New extra-long twin beds were designed to be able to stack as bunk beds or be elevated to loft beds with space for desks underneath. Each resident also has a moveable wardrobe, desk and desk chair provided.

Singular Hall will close at 6:30 a.m. Thursday so construction crews can begin renovating its spaces. When completed, each floor will have larger core community lounges connecting the two buildings.



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