Horizon winners have ties to Emporia State University

January 20, 2012

Two of the 2012 Kansas Cable Telecommunications Horizon Award recipients earned degrees in 2010 from Emporia State University, home of the nationally accredited Teachers College.

Stephanie BeardsleeStephanie Beardslee, a science teacher at Emporia High School, earned her bachelor of science in education in biology and earth science. Katelyn Kennedy, a first-grade teacher at Emporia’s Walnut Elementary School earned her bachelor of science in elementary education.

The Kansas Cable Telecommunications Horizon Awards are sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association. This program recognizes exemplary first-year educators. The program each year selects four elementary and four secondary classroom teachers from each of KSDE’s four regions of the state.

Kate KennedyThe Kansas Cable Telecommunications Horizon Award program allows all school districts in the state an opportunity to nominate one elementary and one secondary teacher for the award. To be eligible for the award, teachers must have successfully completed their first year of teaching and have performed in a way that distinguishes themselves as outstanding. The program is a regional competition with four regions corresponding to the state’s U.S. Congressional districts. Four elementary and four secondary classroom teachers may be selected for the award from each region. Beardslee, Kennedy and Peterson were named in Region 1.

Each teacher was informed of the award Jan. 17 with a telephone call from Diane DeBacker, Kansas commissioner of education.

“It is a pleasure to offer my congratulations to the recipients of the Kansas Horizon Award,” DeBacker said. “Hearing about the passion, commitment and dedication demonstrated by these early-career educators is truly inspiring. I am excited about the future for Kansas education knowing we continue to bring individuals of this caliber to the teaching profession.”

These two teachers, along with the rest of the 31-member 2012 class of Horizon winners, will be honored at a luncheon Feb. 24 during the Kansas Exemplary Educator Network, or KEEN, state education conference.

Horizon Award winners are invited to join KEEN, a network of educators from around the state who have been formally recognized for exemplary performance. Members of KEEN have an opportunity to network with other outstanding educators and participate in a number of professional development programs throughout the year.



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