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TCS Officially Changes Name to IT!

January 17, 2013

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New Name, Same Great Team!


Technology & Computing Services, ("TCS"), has officially changed their department name to Information Technology or, more simply, IT


The name change is part of a series of new initiatives from of ESU's Information Technology department. One reason for the change - "We've been told by the campus community for years that new students, employees, or even visitors don't know what "TCS" is, but that an “IT” department is universally known.” As part of this change, IT has created a new, simpler, single point-of-entry website. This new website ( combines what were formerly two sites – the general TCS website and TCS Helpdesk website - into a single starting point for the campus community seeking information about IT services at Emporia State.


During the coming calendar year, the IT department will continue to realign internal resources to focus on both improving current services and instituting new service offerings designed to help students succeed as well as assist faculty and staff in their efforts to support students and in support of ESU’s strategic direction.  Look for some great new things from IT this year: significantly increased wireless coverage across campus, the ESU Mobile App, and new cloud-based services including virtual student labs, file storage, and document collaboration. We are excited at the number of new projects and initiatives underway for 2013, and know that campus input is crucial for our continued success.  We encourage both individual and collective input to continually improve our services and resources delivered to the university. We look forward to partnering with you to build ESU’s information technology vision for the future!


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