Associated Personnel

The following people are associated with the ESU Natural Areas in a teaching, research, or advisory role.  Please visittheir individual home pages to learn more about their specific interests and projects and for contact information.


  • R. Brent Thomas, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Eric Yang, Chair of Biological Sciences
  • Kim Simons, Chair of Physical Sciences

Natural Areas Committee

  • William Jensen, Biological Sciences, Director of Natural Areas -- Conservation biology, behavioral ecology, ornithology
  • Michael Morales, Earth Science, Director of Johnston Geology Museum -- Geology, paleontology
  • Alivia Allison, General Earth Science, Natural Hazards, Paleoseismology, Geoarchaeology, Geomorphology, Soil Science
  • David Edds, Biological Sciences-- Ichthyology, aquatic biology
  • Erika Martin, Biological Sciences -- Icthyology
  • David McKenzie, Biological Sciences -- Plant ecology
  • Marcia Schulmeister, Earth Science -- Hydrogeology and geochemistry
  • Greg Sievert, Biological Sciences -- Herpetology, wildlife photography
  • Richard Sleezer, Earth Science -- Hydrology, soils, pollution risk assessment, GIS
  • Curtis Defore, Biological Sciences -- Graduate Student Naturalist

Other Associated Scientists

  • Brenda Koerner, ecosystem ecology, soil ecology
  • Dwight Moore, Biological Sciences -- mammalian systematics, ecology
  • Lynnette Sievert, Biological Sciences -- animal physiology, herpetology
  • Elmer Finck Department of Biological Sciences, Fort Hays State University -- behavioral ecology, wildlife biology, grassland ecosystems