Music Department Scholarships

Music Talent Scholarship Audition Days 2018-2019

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (Deadline: October 31, 2018)
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (Deadline: January 30, 2019)
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 (Deadline: March 13, 2019)


Music Department Scholarships are competitive and awarded by audition to talented students who are interested in private music study, participating in a music ensemble, or accompanying. Any student, regardless of academic major, may audition for a music scholarship. Recipients are selected on the basis of musical talent, academic progress, leadership, and participation in music activities. Auditioning also gives you the opportunity to spend a day with music students & faculty and sit in on music classes & ensemble rehearsals.


Music Talent Scholarships

Music Talent Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate an advanced level of instrumental or vocal performance. Music Talent Scholarships include requirements of enrollment and participation in a major music ensemble each semester. Music Talent Scholarships are renewable annually pending completion of the prior year's scholarship requirements, a re-audition in December, and upon approval of the music scholarship committee.


Athletic Band Stipends 

Athletic Band Stipends are awarded to students who enroll and participate in the ESU Marching Hornets during the fall semester and in Hornet Revue pep band during the spring semester. The Athletic Band Stipend is an automatic $500 scholarship for enrollment and successful participation in the Emporia State Marching Hornets, and an additional $500 scholarship is available for selection into the Emporia State Hornet Revue Tournament Travel Band - selection is based on an audition process.  The auditioned and selected student leaders of the Marching Band are also awarded an additional $250 for the marching season. The Hornet Revue performs for ESU Women and Men's home basketball games. All students are encouraged to audition for additional music scholarships, but with the exception of the Hornet Revue Travel Band, the Athletic Band Stipends do not require a scholarship audition.


To arrange your audition date, mail this form Opportunities in Music form,
call the Music Office at 620-341-5431, fax us at 620-341-5601,
email us at, or complete the online request.

To receive a free lesson, contact (by email or phone) a faculty member
in your instrument/voice area and arrange for a free lesson.

Student Resume Form (Checklist of Musical Activities and Participation)

Form Letter of Recommendation






Audition Requirements


Vocal Requirements

  • Performance: Sing 2 contrasting classical songs from memory which best suit your talents. An accompanist will be provided at no charge, please bring proper sheet music. Proper attire is expected (i.e. - concert attire: shirt and tie, dress slacks, simple/classic dress, dress shoes, etc.)
  • Sight Singing: One or two very simple eight measure melodies will be given to you at the audition for unaccompanied sight singing. You will be given the first pitch. You can sing the melodies on "lah," "loo," or any sight singing system you choose.
  • Pitch Retention: Repeat four and five note melodic patterns which will be played for you on the piano. Sing on "lah."

Contact person: Dr. Robert Ward


Piano Requirements

  • Repertoire: at least two composition from different stylistic periods.
  • Technical Studies: be prepared to play your routine of scales, arpeggios, and cadences.
  • Memorization: if prepared, perform at least one of your compositions from memory.
  • Sight Reading: you will be asked to do some simple sight reading.

Contact person: Dr. Martin Cuellar


Brass Requirements

  • Repertoire: a prepared solo or etude. A composition that demonstrates contrasting styles is preferred.
  • Technical Studies: major scales.
  • Sight Reading: you will be asked to do some simple sight reading.

Contact person: Dr. Gary Ziek


Woodwind Requirements

  • Repertoire: two contrasting movements from a work of student’s choice
  • Technical Studies: at least two major scales and full range chromatic, minor scales encouraged
  • Sight Reading: you will be asked to do some simple sight reading.

Contact person: Dr. Dawn McConkie


String Requirements

  • Repertoire: two contrasting solo pieces or two contrastin movements from a sonata or concerto (with or without accompaniment).
  • Technical Studies: at least one major scale (2-3 octaves) of student's choice.
  • Memorization: scale must be memorized; repertoire memorized at student's option.
  • Sight Reading: you will be asked to read two excerpts from standard repertoire (solo and/or orchestral).

Contact person: Dr. Ramiro Miranda


Percussion Requirements

  • Repertoire:
    • A snare drum piece, either concert or rudimental study.
    • A short keyboard percussion piece, either two or four mallet (xylophone, marimba, or vibes). This can be of any style, including contemporary, transcription, or jazz.
    • If desired, the student may also prepare one or both of the following to demonstrate further ability: piece for timpani and/or demonstration of drum set styles.
  • Sight Reading: you will be asked to do some simple sight reading.

Contact person: Dr. Tracy Freeze


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