Music Ensembles - Brass


Horn Choir

Horn Choir

Terrisa Ziek, Director

The ESU Horn Choir is open by audition to any student interested in performing horn literature.  During spring 2006, the ESU Horn Choir opened for the Midwest Horn Conference.






Trumpet Choir

Trumpet Choir

Gary Ziek, Director

The trumpet choir is composed of students who also participate in the Brass Ensemble and the ESU Wind Ensemble.







Low Brass Ensemble

William Woodworth, Director

ESU's Low Brass Ensemble is comprised predominantly of students whose primary instrument is the Euphonium, Trombone, or Tuba. However, it is possible for students with a secondary proficiency on one of these instruments to join the ensemble. Please contact Professor Woodworth for more information.

Low Brass Studio webpage

Course: Chamber Music - Low Brass Ensemble
Course Number: MU 391 B / MU 691 B
Rehearsals: TBA