I’m writing today about the Emporia Marching Hornets! Allow me to introduce myself, and tell you a little about my experience with the band at ESU!

My name is Shawna, and I am a senior English Education major at Emporia State University, and I am also an active member of the music department! I play baritone in the Emporia Marching Hornets and Hornet Revue (our basketball pep band); trombone in the ESU Jazz Ensemble; and the euphonium in the ESU Wind Ensemble, ESU Low Brass Ensemble, and the Emporia Municipal Band. I have also taken several semesters of private lessons through ESU, on both trombone and euphonium! I suppose you can say I’m a regular ESU low brass personality! I am also an active member of Kappa Kappa Psi, the honorary band fraternity!

When I first came to ESU, I really just wanted to do band for a year. I really missed my music family from high school, but I didn’t think that I could participate in the college music department for long, because I thought it would take too much time, or that I wouldn’t like the more professional-minded environment. Turns out, the music department is a BLAST! And I really do find enough time in the day to enjoy both my English studies, and play some music (or a lot!) on the side! The students get close, the staff members are flexible, and the ability to keep playing for fun is a tremendous stress relief!

I’ve found that music majors, music minors, and music non-majors alike can all participate in a variety of ways, and in many ways can build their own unique experience in the department. For those who like to attend the games, but don’t want to travel, marching band is the way to go! For those who like to watch the games and do a little travel, Hornet Revue is for you! For non-majors who don’t particularly care for attending the games, but want to keep playing, there are a variety of options from playing in the wind ensemble, to taking private lessons from an instructor! 

Regardless of your walk of life, it is possible to keep enjoying music, and I hope you do!

If you have any questions about band, the time commitment, or Kappa Kappa Psi, please feel free to contact me at svanorde@g.emporia.edu!

Have a fantastic summer!    


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