Mission, Goals and Program Outcomes

     The Department of Music has served as an integral component of Emporia State University since the university’s creation in 1863. From its early history as a Kansas leader in the preparation of music instructors and supervisors to its current role of providing music degree programs and varied musical experiences for students of ESU and members of the surrounding communities, the department has sustained its mission, goals, and objectives as consistent and interrelated to those of the university.

Mission of the Department of Music

     The Department of Music at Emporia State University is committed to programs and curricula that provide students the opportunity to study music according to varied interests and needs. The curriculum is comprehensive so as to provide degree programs for students who wish to major or minor in music; it also offers a spectrum of musical experiences for all other students.

     Programs and curricula are of such quality that graduates from the department will be able to pursue further study at this or other reputable institutions and will be able to find employment in the field of music. Music cultural experiences, an essential component to the academic program, are available and contribute to the growth and enrichment of participants and audience members.

Program Goals of the Department of Music

It shall provide an educational program that is musically and academically sound

It shall offer a variety of programs that accommodate the needs and interests of students.

It shall provide an environment for students and faculty that is compatible with a humanistic philosophy as a strong support for the university’s general education program.

It shall establish and maintain a curriculum that has a strong historical base balanced by offerings reflecting current trends in the arts and education.

It shall provide a strong music education thrust for preparation of music educators.

It shall provide advanced programs and degrees for those students who wish to pursue graduate studies.

It shall provide an atmosphere for quality individual instruction, mentoring, and advisement.

Baccalaureate Student Outcomes of the Department of Music

- Demonstrate preparation, knowledge, and skills for a professional career in music

- Demonstrate solo performance proficiency and knowledge of solo literature in the selected area of concentration

- Demonstrate ensemble performance proficiency and knowledge of ensemble literature in the selected area of concentration

- Demonstrate knowledge of music theory, musical analysis, and historical musical developments

- Demonstrate proficiency in keyboard skills and in sight-singing

- Demonstrate skill in utilization of music computer applications

Graduate Student Outcomes of the Department of Music

- Demonstrate ability to identify salient compositional techniques of major periods of music history

- Demonstrate ability to identify and explain elements of common practice and 20th century music theory

- Demonstrate knowledge of major music reference sources

- Demonstrate ability to successfully conduct music research and accurately report these results in accepted discipline formats

- Demonstrate ability to aurally identify major musical compositions representative of all music genres and periods

Performance Emphasis - Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to perform representative literature and technique for the major instrument

Music Education Emphasis - Demonstrate knowledge of learning theories in music and music education history, philosophy, and curriculum


Department Goals

Core Committee

 - Internship for BA Program - course approval

 - Internship for BA Program - process & procedures

 - Music Theory Repeats policy

Graduate Committee

 - Develop MM Performance Degree & Certificate for UNAM

 - Continued implementation of 3-summer Masters Courses

Recruitment Committee

 - Completion of Department Recruitment Brochure

 - Organization of Showcase Recital

 - Department representation at Hornet Day

Music Education Committee

 - Review NCATE/State of Kansas degree requirements

 - Revision of forms/process

Ad Hoc Committee - FRC Document

 - Review of FRC Document

     - Chronic Low Performance

     - Service

     - Other items as needed for clarification

Music Office

 - Approval of certificate programs

     - Music Technology

     - Digital Audio

     - Certificado en curso de perfeccionamiento (Piano Performance for Spanish-Speaking Musicians)

 - Scanning/organization of Music Education Student Work

 - Website Revision