Graduate Assessment Program

Graduate Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to identify salient compositional techniques of major periods of music history.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify and explain elements of common practice and 20th century music theory.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of major music reference resources.
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully conduct music research and accurately report these results in accepted discipline formats.
  • Demonstrate ability to aurally identify major musical compositions representative of all music genres and periods.
  • Performance Emphasis: Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to perform representative literature and technique for major instrument.
  • Music Education Emphasis: Demonstrate knowledge of learning theories in music and music education history and philosophy.

Assessment Plan

The Assessment Plan for the Master of Music degree within the Department of Music is a three-tiered transition point procedure. Candidates for the degree of Master of Music must meet requirements of each transition point. The four transition are as follows:

  • Level 1: Admission to Program Review
  • Level 2: Degree Candidacy
  • Level 3: Completion of Fiend Experience Activity (Music Education Emphasis)
  • Level 4: Degree Completion

A variety of assessment formats are utilized throughout this program. The following tables list these assessment formats, requirements, approval/non-approval evaluation results, and faculty member or faculty committee responsible for the evaluative decision.


Level 1 - Admission to Program

Requirements Evaluation Responsibility
Completion of admission requirements of the Graduate School As supplied by Graduate School Office of Graduate Studies
Entrance Exam in Music History Graded Exam Dr. Allan Comstock
Entrance Exam in Music Theory Graded Exam Dr. Andrew Houchins

MM - Performance Emphasis:

  • Live audition* (minimum of 20 min.)
  • Repertoire List
Performance Evaluation Rubric Area Chair

MM - Music Education Emphasis

  • Video tape of classroom teaching, student teaching, or conducting
Tape Evaluation Rubric Area Chair

* A CD or taped audition may be substituted if a live audition creates an undue hardship. A live audition will be required at the beginning of the first semester of study.

Candidates meeting all requirements are accepted into the Master of Music degree program. For candidates not meeting all requirements:

  • Candidate not passing the Entrance Exam in Music History will be required to enroll in MU 628 and/0r MU 629, dependent upon the deficiency noted by the examination results.
  • Candidate not passing the required entrance examination in Music Theory will be required to enroll in MU 618.


Level 2 - Degree Candidacy

Degree candidacy in the Department of Music is formal approval to pursue the Master of Music degree. This approval cannot be sought until all departmental preliminary requirements In Music Theory, Music History, and Orchestration have been met. Following the completion of 12-14 hours of study the graduate student will apply for Degree Candidacy to the Master of Music program.

Requirements Evaluation Responsibility
Completion of 12-14 course hours Checklist Dr. Allan Comstock
Letter of application Checklist Graduate Committee
Statement of personal goals regarding completion
of the degree program
Checklist Graduate Committee
Interview with Graduate Committee Checklist Graduate Committee

The Music Graduate Committee will review the materials submitted, the student's grades and degree progress, and the student's potential for program completion. The committee will make one of the following recommendations:

  • Approval of Degree Candidacy and recommendation of members of student's Graduate Committee.
  • Provisional approval and course recommendation(s). Following the completion of the recommendations, the student will reapply for Degree Candidacy.
  • No approval of Degree Candidacy.


Level 3 - Completion of Field Experience Activity

Level three requirements are for the Master of Music - Music Education Emphasis.

Requirements Evaluation Responsibility
Minimum grade of B - MU 880 Course Rubric Coure Instructor
Minimum grade of B - MU 882/870/873 Course Rubric Course Instructor
Project/Thesis Committee


Level 4 - Program Completion

Requirements Evaluation Responsibility
Completion of all course requirements Checklist Dr. Allan Comstock
Completion of the Graduate Comprehensive Examination Committee Evaluation Candidate's Committee


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