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The Department of Music at Emporia State University is committed to providing education of the highest quality to undergraduate majors and minors, graduate students, general studies students, and students in other majors needing specialized experiences. Programs and curricula are of such quality that graduates from the department will be able to pursue further study at this or other reputable institutions and will be able to find employment in the field of music. We strive to maintain an intellectual, cultural and physical environment which enhances appreciation and understanding of the world's diverse musical heritage and to foster creative contributions to that heritage.

The Department of Music is committed to providing resources and support for the professional growth of students, faculty, and staff in teaching, research and creativity, performance, music technologies, and the sharing of talents and knowledge. In our commitment to service, we address the educational, cultural and social needs of not only our local community, but also the regional, national, and international communities through public performances, workshops, clinics and seminars given by faculty, students and guest artists. Music cultural experiences, an essential component to the academic program, are available and contribute to the growth and enrichment of participants and audience members.


To support and uphold the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Emporia State University Strategic Plan.

To create a high impact adaptive learning environment.

To uphold and pursue excellence in recruitment and retention.


1) To provide music students with programs that foster a high impact adaptive learning environment through the Bachelor of Music with options in education and performance; Bachelor of Arts in music; Master of Music with options in education and performance.

In order to achieve our goal, the department of music will:

2) Our goal is to support current recruitment and retention efforts with a vision of excelling in the area of recruitment and retention of talented students.

To meet this goal the department of music will: