The minor in mathematics will provide the interested student with an opportunity to acquire some minimal skills in mathematical problem solving which may be applied to other disciplines. A minor in mathematics consists of the following 19-hour program in mathematics.

Required Courses (13 hours):

MA 161 Calculus I 5 hours

MA 262 Calculus II 5 hours

MA 240 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours


MA 322 Introduction to Linear Algebra3 hours

Electives (Select 6 hours):

MA 240 Discrete Mathematics* 3 hours

MA 363 Calculus III 3 hours

MA 291 Mathematical Modeling 3 hours

MA 322 Introduction to Linear Algebra* 3 hours

MA 335 Differential Equations I 3 hours

MA 380 Probability and Statistics 3 hours

* If not counted as a required course