Bachelor of Arts Mathematics Major


The student desiring to be a mathematician who is well educated in the broad liberal arts tradition should take a 32 hour major in mathematics for the degree Bachelor of Arts. Upon graduation, this student will be extremely well prepared to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics or a related area, or to enter a job situation requiring versatility rather than specialization.

I. General Education Program

(See latest college catalog for details)

II. Additional General Education Restrictions (See catalog)

(Required of all Bachelor of Arts)

III. Major Area Required Courses (32 hours)

MA 125Introduction to Mathematics1 hour
MA 161Calculus I5 hours
MA 240Discrete Math3 hours
MA 262Calculus II5 hours
MA 322Linear Algebra3 hours
MA 363Calculus III3 hours
MA 380Probability and Statistics3 hours
MA 425Abstract Algebra3 hours
MA 735Advanced Calculus I3 hours
Select one of the following three courses:
MA 728Vector Spaces3 hours
MA 736Advanced Calculus II3 hours
MA 741Group Theory3 hours
MA 742Ring Theory3 hours
MA 743Field Theory3 hours

IV. Required Second Program of Study

The student is required to complete a second program of study of from 15 to 30 hours in another discipline of the student's choice.

V. Additional Electives

The student may select additional courses in Mathematics or other disciplines to total 124 hours.