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STEM Outreach Programs
Students looking through binoculars
Students watch balloon fill
Math Day students
Students make windmill
Students test windmill

STEM Outreach Programs

The Directorship of ESU's STEM outreach programs listed below is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Economics. STEM faculty from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Nursing contribute to the time and effort it takes to put on such programs along with the Mathematics and Economics faculty. Each program is held at a different time of year and focuses on a different subset of students, but all of them have the same primary goal: to excite and enhance students' minds in the subjects of mathematics and science.

Enhancing Your Future

Who: 6th-8th grade girls
When: Early March

Math Day

Who: Any high school student
When: Middle of October

Master It

Who: Completed 7th & 8th grade girls
When: Early June

Math Family Night

Who: Emporia Middle School students
When: Late February or early March

Who: 6th-8th grade Hispanic students
When: End of October

Sonia Kovalevsky day

Who: High school junior girls
When: Middle of February

Summer Scholars

Who: Priority given to 6th-8th grade Hispanic students
When: Middle of June

Inspired by Math

Who: 6th-8th grade Emporia Middle School students
When: Summer camp (late July); Once per week during the school year