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How to Get Your Publications Produced

What we need to get started

Complete Request for Print/Design, any questions contact Judy x5455

• Quantity

• Your Audience

• Text

• Photos

The Plan

We can help you with writing, editing, photography and design, if needed.

We're Here Because of You

Our goal is to help you reach your audience in an effective way. We believe in partnering with you to make this happen. We'll do everything in our power to speed the process, but primarily we want to produce your publication so it does what it's meant to do: raise funds, recruit students, attract people to your event, etc.

Timelines and Deadlines

The below timelines for publications are meant to give you an idea how long it will take Marketing and Media & Relations staff to produce various kinds of publications and get them printed. Publications deadlines depend on quantity and job parameters. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for design. The timeline for printing off-campus jobs depends on the vendor which is typically two weeks plus shipping. Campus jobs through the University Copy Center take a minimum of a week to print.

Project Timelines


Printing Order Process