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Graphic Identity Standards For The World Wide Web

Complete Website guidelines for the Web can be found on the dotCMS training site. Following is a quick reference.

Web Graphics

The resolution of the wordmark should be at minimum 72 dpi. All guidelines relating to sizing, placement, alteration, visibility, and use of the wordmark apply to the web.

Web Colors

For the web, the standard colors are black for text (HEX: 000000; R-0, G-0, B-0), blue (HEX: 007aa5) for links in default state, and dark blue on hover (HEX: 005580). Gold (HEX: #BB8D0A; R-187, G-141, B-11) where used. Web pages are not restricted to those colors alone, but all the images shown within this document should appear in either black and white or in color.

Web Typeface

All typefaces used for text on the Emporia State University web are set to "Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif.”