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Collateral or secondary logos or symbols for colleges, divisions, departments, institutes, or any other university organization confuse the audience. Emporia State University does not support and has not authorized secondary logos for departments or service areas, outside of the ones mentioned below. When using official secondary logos, the Emporia State University wordmark must be present along with the secondary logo.

Fund Raising Campaign

Now & Forever Image


I'm A Hornet image

Campaign Graphics “I’M A HORNET” is a marketing campaign that demonstrates the brand of the college. While we appreciate how the community has embraced the campaign, the images and design elements are carefully managed and planned in advance by the staff of Marketing & Media Relations. All marketing communication efforts surrounding the “I’M A HORNET” campaign are tied together by a common element — the “I’M A HORNET” wordmark, a type treatment of the words “I’M A HORNET”. The wordmark must not be rekeyed, redrawn, reproportioned, added to, or modified in any way. It is the official mark of Emporia State University’s “I’M A HORNET” campaign and must be reproduced from original artwork, which is managed by Marketing & Media Relations. Please contact Marketing & Media Relations if you have questions about the usage guidelines for this campaign.

Theatre Coin

Theatre Coin

In 1967, when the new theatre in King Hall was built, Dr. Karl Bruder designed the “coin” logo. It is a mark suggesting an ancient coin as well as Greek theatre masks.  As such it represents our ancient roots and our own traditions. ESU Theatre dates to 1913 when the college produced its first play. In the summer of 2014, we celebrate 60 years of summer theatre and the mark has been a part of that entire history. When the College Theatre was renamed the Karl C. Bruder Theatre, the coin was struck into a brass plaque which sits over the main entrance to the theatre to this day—in the same manner that a Sea Gull represents the Moscow Arts Theatre. As a legacy to the long tenure of Karl Bruder, it has become a vital part of our visual identity.