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ESU Wordmark Image

The Emporia State University wordmark can be used with a variety of publications or imprinted products within the bounds recommended by this manual.

In order to establish a consistent and unified graphic identity, all printed material representing Emporia State University should include the official wordmark on the cover. Material representing Emporia State University includes all printed items that are produced by or paid for or sponsored by any university department, organization, or other entity. Payment or sponsorship includes use of facilities, equipment, or any other in-kind services, or state and university funds.

Memos, forms, or minutes intended for use within a department or office are not required to use the wordmark. Any material distributed outside a department must include the wordmark.

The Emporia State University wordmark must include the trademark symbol of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (TM) on all specialty items.

Reverse Printing

Wordmark Revers Image

The wordmark may be used in reverse printing.


Do not obscure, provide insufficient contrast, or in any other way diminish the wordmark's ability to clearly identify Emporia State University. An exception is when the wordmark is screened in the background of a publication. In this case, the wordmark must still be used prominently on the printed piece so there is no doubt about the publication being identified with Emporia State University.

Electronic Versions

Output electronic versions of the wordmark at 600 dots per inch (dpi) or greater resolution. Do not use scanned versions of the wordmark. The wordmark can be downloaded from here.