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General Guidelines:

  • The university’s identifying marks may not be altered in any fashion.
  • The wordmark should not be used in association with a private business or used in a manner that might associate or imply endorsements by the university with an outside business or product. Partnerships can be approved by Marketing & Media Relations.
  • University employees may not use the school’s identifying marks in any manner that suggests or implies support or endorsement of any movement, candidate for public office, organization, activity, or program not officially endorsed by Emporia State University.
  • Emporia State University will not approve the use of its name or identifying marks to promote tobacco, illegal or controlled substances, sexually oriented products, alcohol, religious products, or games of chance.
  • Emporia State University will not approve the use of its name or identifying marks with text or graphics that are sexually suggestive, denigrating, profane, or racist. Nor can the university wordmarks be used with items that infringe on the markets of other trademark owners, or endorsement of political candidates.
  • The university reserves the right to prohibit other uses that it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the image and mission of this institution.
  • Student organizations officially recognized by Emporia State University, or any university department may use the wordmark, and other university identifiers without being licensed. However, any company that produces merchandise for these organizations or departments must be licensed.
  • News organizations may reproduce Emporia State University identifying marks without being licensed when the sole purpose is related to a news story.

Basic Steps

Basic steps to follow when using Emporia State University identifying marks on merchandise:

  1. Obtain and utilize the official university identifying marks.
  2. Submit the design to Marketing & Media Relations for approval before production.
  3. Use a licensed vendor.


The official university mascot is Corky the Hornet as pictured in this guide. The Corky mascot is copyrighted, so any additions or alterations to the mascot must be approved by the artist Paul Edwards through Alumni Association Executive Director. The copyright symbol is included on Corky’s wing and cannot be moved without permission.

No other Hornet characters or images can be used to represent Emporia State University. No other mascots can be used in connection with Emporia State University.


The official typeface of the wordmark is Life Standard. Other typefaces are permissible on merchandise with approval from Marketing & Media Relations.


The official school colors are black and PMS 132 gold. It is preferred that the wordmark be printed in black or gold, but the university understands that this is not always feasible because of the various materials used for merchandise or because of fashion considerations, so exceptions are allowed.

For apparel, Vegas gold is acceptable if you are trying to match the university colors. Other colors are permissible if you are not trying to match the Emporia State University's black and gold.

For other merchandise, if PMS 132 gold cannot be used, please submit a sample to Marketing & Media Relations for approval. Other colors are acceptable if you are not trying to match the Emporia State University black and gold.

The Official Emporia State University Seal

The seal cannot be used on any clothing or merchandise without permission from Marketing & Media Relations.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos as defined in this guide are permissible as long as they are used only in conjunction with the Emporia State University wordmark. The secondary logos cannot stand alone on any product.

Specialty And Promotional Items

Specialty and promotional items include pens, pencils, magnets, napkins, bottles, mugs, cups, bags, pins, coolers, shirts, caps, hats, jackets, wrist bands, necklaces, bookmarks, clocks, calendars, notebooks, and many other items that can be imprinted on and either sold or given away. These items must follow the university graphic identity standards and licensing guidelines.