Time for Andrew, a Ghost Story. Mary Downing Hahn

PUBLISHER, 1994; Awarded 1997.

Synopsis:  When Drew spends the summer with his great-aunt Blythe in the old family home in Missouri, he meets the ghost of his namesake, Andrew.  Drew agrees to trade places with Andrew through time travel so that modern medicine can cure Andrew's fatal diphtheria.  While the boys look identical, their personalities are quite opposite.  Andrew is bold and daring, while Drew is shy and quiet; consequently, walking in daredevil Andrew's shoes is a huge challenge for the retiring Drew.  His only hope for returning to the 1990s is to beat the cunning Andrew at his own game of ringer, a marble game.  While living in 1910, Drew comes to love deeply his new family and gains self-esteem as he meets many challenges posing as the brash Andrew.

Themes:  Time travel, Mystery, Coming-of-age, Family, Reversed identities, Game of marbles, Death

Author:  http://www.carr.org/aughco/hahn.htm

Discussion questions:  Standard 3, Benchmark 3
1. How are Andrew and Drew alike?  Different?
2. How do their actions change family history:
3. In what ways is Drew different when he finally returns to the 1990s?

1. Respond to Drew's journey through time by writing on a paper marble.  On one side describe something you think Drew particularly appreciates about going back in time; on the other side of the paper marble, describe a past time you would like to visit and explain why.  Store paper marbles in a small brown bag in a cigar box along with a piece of chalk, a candle, and some real marbles, just as Andrew keeps his marbles safe from would-be marble thieves.  Standard 5, Benchmark 3
2. Write some pieces of advice to someone about to embark on a trip back into the past.  Base your advice on what you observed in this story.  Standard 3, Benchmark 2
3. Write some pieces of advice to someone from the past using time travel to visit you in the present.  Recall the difficulties Andrew experienced as you write your advice.  Standard 2, Benchmark 4