Shiloh. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

PUBLISHER, 1991; Awarded 1994.

Synopsis:  When eleven-year-old Marty Preston finds an abused puppy he names Shiloh, he decides to save his canine friend from further abuse at any cost.

Themes:  Family, Honesty, Conscience, Responsibility, Dogs, Animal abuse

Author:, html

Discussion questions:  Standard 3, Benchmark 3
1. What are the decisions Marty makes in the course of the novel?
2. By the end of the story, Marty says that his eyes are opened.  What does he mean?
3. Are lying and stealing ever justified?

1. Create a postcard for Marty.  On one side draw a picture you think Marty would appreciate.  On the other side, write a note to Marty telling him what his story made you think about how did his story open your eyes?  Standard 5, Benchmark 3
2. Make a poster list of suggestions for taking care of a dog based on what you learned from Marty and Shiloh.  Display your poster in the library.  Standard 3, Benchmark 4
3. Write an editorial for your school newspaper about whether or not breaking the rules, lying, or even stealing is ever justified.  Standard 3, Benchmark 2