War with Grandpa. Robert Kimmel Smith

Publisher:  Delcorte Press, 1984.  Awarded:  1987.

Synopsis:  Peter's widowed grandfather comes to live with the family.  Peter is excited until Grandpa decides he should have Peter's bedroom.  Urged on by friends, Peter declares war on Grandpa.  Will Peter ever surrender?

Themes:  grandparents, family relations, peer pressure.

Author Information:  http://www.randomhouse.com/teachers/guides/warw.html

Discussion Questions:  Standard 3, Benchmark 3.

1. How would you feel if you had to give up your bedroom for someone else?

2. Would Peter have fought with his grandfather if his friends didn't encourage him?

3. Do you live with a grandparent?  What are some of the advantages?


1. Write a description of your own bedroom.  What does it tell about you? Standard 5, Benchmark 3.

2. From the description in chapter three, decorate a 3D version of Peter's bedroom using a shoebox.  Standard 5, Benchmark 3.

3. Peter lived in the same house all his life.  Poll the class to see who has only lived in one place, two, three, etc.  Record the data and enter it into the chart wizard in Microsoft Word to create a chart to display.  Standard 5, Benchmark 3.