Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy. George Selden

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1974; Awarded: 1977.

Synopsis: One of the sequels to The Cricket in Times Square, the story continues as Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse adopt a puppy. When the puppy grows too big for their drainpipe, they must find a suitable home for his elsewhere.

Themes: cats, puppies, pet care, adoption

Author Information: Fourth Book of Junior Authors, p 313

Discussion Questions: Standard 3, Benchmark 3.

1. How did Harry and Tucker find the puppy a home?

2. Why couldn’t Harry keep the puppy?

3. How did the animals outwit the police?


1. Make posters to show others how to care for puppies. Standard 3, Benchmark 1.

2. Take a field trip to an animal shelter or the Humane Society. Standard 5, Benchmark 2.

3. Read the other books in the Harry and Tucker series. Standard 5, Benchmark 1.