Flaming Arrows.  William O. Steele

Harper Collins, 1959; Awarded 1960.

Synopsis: Chad experiences an Indian attack on a Tennessee fort and learns a lot about himself and judging others.

Themes: Family relationships, dogs, death and grief, Old West, farming

Author Information:

Discussion Questions:  Standard 3, Benchmark 3
1. Why did Chad's father stand up for the Logan family?
2. Have you ever defended someone even though you knew others would criticize you?  What happened?
3. Have you ever been misjudged because of something about you, like your gender or the way you look?

1. Remind the children this book was written in a  time when Native Americans were still seen savages.  Read a recent fiction book that portrays Native Americans, such as the 1984 Newbery winner, Sign of the Beaver. Discuss the differences.  Standard 9, Benchmark 2
2. Research the time period in which this story was set.  How historically accurate is this novel?  Standard 2, Benchmark 1
3. Invite a Native American to speak about their culture to the class.  Standard 9, Benchmark 2