Winner:  A Light in the Attic By Shel Silverstein 

Other Books on the Master List include: 

Apple is My Sign 
By Mary Riskind 

Baseball Fever 
By Johanna Hurwitz 

The Book of the Pig 
By Jack Denton Scott 

The Devil’s Donkey 
By Bill Brittain 

Fours Crossing 
By Nancy Garden 

Jump Ship to Freedom 
By James L. and Christopher Collier 

Mr. Yowder and the Train Robbers 
By Glen Rounds 

The Money Room 
By Eloise Jarvis McGraw 

The Night Journey 
By Kathryn Lasky 

Save Queen of Sheba 
By Louise Moeri 

Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold 
By Jean Fritz 

The Trouble With Tuck 
By Theodore Taylor 

Uncle Lemon’s Spring 
By Jane Yolen 

A Visit to William Blake’s Inn: Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers 
By Nancy Willard 

A Way of His Own 
By Thomas A. Dyer 

The Weaver’s Gift 
By Kathryn Lasky 

By Lloyd Alexander