Winner: The Grizzly by Annabelle and Edgar Johnson 

Other Books on the Master List: 

Across Five Aprils 
Irene Hunt 

Big Blue Island 
Wilson Gage 

Calendar Moon 
Natalia Belting 

Carolina’s Courage 
Elizabeth Yates 

The Far-Off Land 
Rebecca Caudill 

Far Out the Long Canal 
Meindert DeJong 

Farewell to Troy 
Dorothy Jackson 

Gull Number 737 
Jean George 

Ishi, Last of His Tribe 
Theodora Kroeber 

Jon, the Unlucky 
Elizabeth Coatsworth 

The Letter on the Tree 
Natalie Carlson 

Magic to Burn 
Jean Fritz 

A Pocketfull of Cricket 
Rebecca Caudill 

The Pushcart War 
Jean Merrill 

Rain in the Woods 
Glen Rounds 

Shadow of a Bull 
Maia Wojciechowska 

Robert Burch 

A Spell is Cast 
Eleanor Cameron