Winner: Brighty of the Grand Canyon By Marguerite Henry 

Other Books on the Master List: 

America Before Man 
By Baity 

And Now Miguel 
By Krumgold 

Beatinest Boy 
By Stuart 

Burma Boy 
By Lindquist 

Captain Ramsey’s Daughter 
By Torjeson 

Cochise of Arizona 
By LaFarge 

Curious Missie 
By Sorenson 

Finnegan II 
By Bailey 

Hideaway House 
By DeLeeuw 

Magic Maize 
By Buff 

Mexican Story 
By McNeer 

Mr. Revere and I 
By Lawson 

Otter’s Story 
By Liers 

School Train 
By Acker 

The Ark 
By Benary-Isbert 

Theodore Roosevelt 
By Judson 

Tree Wagon 
By Lampman