Winner:  Amos Fortune:  Free Man 
By Elizabeth Yates 

Other Books on the Master List: 

Abraham Lincoln 
By Genevieve Foster 

Benjamin Franklin 
By Edgar and Ingri D'Aulaire 

Better Known as Johnny Appleseed 
By Mabel Leigh Hunt 

Crazy Horse:  Great Warrior of the Sioux 
By Doris Shannon Garst 

Door to the North 
By Elizabeth Coatsworth 

Farm Boy 
By Douglas W. Gorsline 

Gandhi, Fighter Without a Sword 
By Jeannette Eaton 

Landing of the Pilgrims 
By James Daugherty 

By Katherine B. Shippen 

Magic Money 
By Ann Nolan Clark 

Peter Graves 
By William Penn DuBois 

The Pony Express 
By Samuel H. Adams 

Song of the Seasons 
By Addison Webb 

Su-mei's Golden Year 
By Marguerite Bro 

This Boy Cody 
By Leon Wilson 

The Tower by the Sea 
By Meindert DeJong 

The Wahoo Bobcat 
By Joseph Lippincott