Collection Development Statement Library and Information Science


The Library and Information Management Collection is a collection of circulating and reference books related to Library and Information Management which reflects the broad spectrum included in the curriculum of the Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management (SLIM).

. Purpose of Collection

The Collection supports the SLIM curriculum.

. User Population (Curricular and Program Needs)

In 1902, KSN was the first school west of the Mississippi River to offer courses in library science.  In 1832, the American Library Association accreditation was first obtained.  A Master of Science Degree program was approved in 1951.  The undergraduate degree was offered until 1966.  A doctoral program in Library and Information Management was approved in 1993.  A distance doctoral program was approved in 2003.  The School of Library and Information Management, better known as SLIM, serves a twelve state area from Kansas to North Dakota to Oregon to New Mexico and back to Kansas. Tradition and innovation form the foundation of a friendly and supportive learning environment with a reputation for graduating outstanding library leaders and information professionals.  Students, faculty and staff in the ESU School of Library and Information Management utilize the Library and Information Management Collection.  Students and faculty in the program are spread across a large area.

SLIM offers a Master's Degree and a Ph.D in Library and Information Management (which include distance programs), a Bachelor of Science in Information Resource Studies (an interdisciplinary program hosted by SLIM), a Graduate Degree and Certificate in Legal Information Management in cooperation with the University of Kansas School of Law, a School Library Media Certification Program, Information Management Certificate and a Library Services Certificate.  The program is accredited by the American Library Association.  Dual degrees are offered in the subjects of English, History and Music.  Special programs are the Rocky Mountain National Park Archiving Project as well as partnerships with Nigeria and Sofia.

History of Collection (Collection Characteristics)

The Library and Information Management Collection dates to the collection of books in the Kansas State Normal School where the emphasis was on preparing school librarians.

Existing Strengths and Weaknesses

The Library and Information Management Collection is strong in the traditional area of Library Science including its historical aspects as well as the history of books and printing.  American Library Association Publications are received on standing order.  The collection is weaker in contemporary areas of information Management.

Collecting Priorities (include retention strategies)

Collection Priorities include areas in which faculty are requesting books such as information retrieval, information technologies, intelligent technologies, electronic indexing, digital libraries, web delivery, virtual reference, distance education, classification, statistic, the web, online search strategies and internships.  A representative collection of Library Science and Information Management literature should be maintained to support the curriculum.

Selection Process and Tools

. Particular vendors

American Library Association

. Specific Selection Guides

LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE ANNUAL, VOL. 7, 1999 (Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1999.)  NetLibrary E-book.

. Publishers to be Aware of in this Subject

American Library Association
Special Libraries Association
Advanced Communications Designs
Aldine de Gruyter
American Society for Information Science and Technology
Free Press
Georgetown University Press
Harper Collins
Harvard Business School Press
Idea Group
Information Today
Jonathan Cape
Libraries Unlimited
McGraw Hill
MIT Press
Neal Schuman
Oxford University Press
Pearson Education
Princeton University Press
Random House
Research Press
Rowman and Littlefield
School of American Research Press
Society of American Archivists
Taylor Graham
University of Chicago Press
Wayne State University Press
Wiley Jossey-Bass
Yale University Press