Collection Development Statement Communication


. Purpose of Collection

  • To support the communication curriculum;

  • To provide communication majors with the material to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to further their careers in the communication arts;

  • To support faculty research to the extent possible with the existing budget;

  • To provide the ESU community with reading material apropos of their professional and recreational interests.

. User Population (Curricular and Program Needs)

  • Communication majors requiring resource material for written papers and oral presentations;

  • Non-communication majors requiring resource material for general education courses;

  • Faculty requiring literature for course preparation, exhibition, and  research and publishing.

History of Collection (Collection Characteristics)

The ESU communication, formerly speech, program and curricula have been completely revamped in recent years, and I have only been selecting in this subject area for 2 years.  In the past, the emphasis in the speech collection was placed on textbook-type introductory material, principles of rhetoric and debate, nonverbal communication, collections of famous speeches, and anthologies of poetry and short stories for the oral interpretation classes.

Existing Strengths and Weaknesses

This is a curriculum area of which I have not been able to get a good picture.  I have not been able to establish communication with the faculty, and they do not request materials for the library.  The curriculum seems to overlap with other departments, such as journalism, business management, media, and psychology.  It is extremely difficult to know whether I am fulfilling their needs; I will have to assume I am since they have not responded to my pleas for assistance.

Collecting Priorities (include retention strategies)

Books that support the teaching curriculum and reflect student and faculty interests, to the best of my ability to ascertain such, are selected.  Requests from faculty members are given first priority. (None so far.) I have endeavored to update sections on organizational communication, interpersonal communication, mass media, small group communication, broadcasting and journalism ethics, and basic works in rhetoric and oratory.

There are no standing orders in the communication fund account.

For the most part, only recent books in all the above-mentioned sections should be retained, with the exceptions of anthologies of famous speeches, and classic rhetorical and oratorical works.

Selection Process and Tools

. Particular vendors

(There really aren't any special vendors for communication books; most titles can be obtained through the normal vendor channels.)

. Specific Selection Guides

Web sites or catalogs of:

ACA  The American Communication Association

Sage Publications

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.



Guilford Publications

Standard selection periodicals, such as Choice, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal, are of little or no help in this field.;  Forthcoming Books is helpful for textbook material.  

. Publishers to be Aware of in this Subject (See items in the two sections above.)