Advance Preview Copies Policy

Often librarians and staff attending conferences or meetings procure copies of advance previews of upcoming books.  At times, these books are then presented to the library to be added to the collection.  Differences between the preview copies and the work that is actually published may be significant or they may be slight.  In adding these materials to the library's collection, the guidelines listed below will be followed.  

  • It is the policy of William Allen White Library that such materials will be examined carefully for completeness prior to being added to the collection.
  • The Head of Collection Development in consultation with the appropriate selectors will make the decisions on whether a book should be added to the collection or not.
  • Only advance preview copies of fiction books will be given consideration to be added to the collection.  Advance preview copies of non-fiction books will not be added to the collection.
  • If an advance preview copy is added, a notation stating that it is an advance preview copy will be added to Kellogg Catalog.  Holdings information will not be added to OCLC on advance preview copies added to the White Library collection.