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University RecordsThe Emporia State University Archives contain the official records of the Kansas State Normal School (1863-1923), Kansas State Teachers College (1923-1974), Emporia Kansas State College (1974-1977) and Emporia State University (1977-Present). Included are records and reports of administrative and academic offices, departmental unit records, accreditation reports and supporting documentation, theses and dissertations, publications of the university, and biographical information on members of the university community, including alumni. Records are collected for both active and inactive organizations. Non-print materials such as slides, video and audio tapes, photographs, films and computerized records are also collected. The Emporia State University Archives also collects records and materials of the College of Emporia (1882-1974).


The ESU Archives are organized into hierarchy of Record Groups, Series and Sub-Series based on the creator of the materials. For example, all records created by the Art Department will be found in Sub-Series ESU003.004.001, which is organized within the records related to Academic Affairs (Record Group ESU003) and more specifically in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Series ESU003.004). Likewise, records created by the Admissions Office will be found in Series ESU005.001, which is organized within the records relating to Student Affairs (Record Group ESU005).


ESU Archives Record Groups, Series and Sub-Series

ESU000 – Board of Regents


ESU001 – University Presidents

  ESU001.001 - Lyman B. Kellogg

  ESU001.002 - George W. Hoss

  ESU001.003 - C.R. Pomeroy

  ESU001.004 - Rudolph B. Welch

  ESU001.005 - Albert R. Taylor

  ESU001.006 - Jasper N. Wilkinson

  ESU001.007 - Joseph H. Hill

  ESU001.008 - Thomas W. Butcher

  ESU001.009 - James F. Price

  ESU001.010 - David L. Macfarlane

  ESU001.011 - John Jacobs

  ESU001.012 - John E. King

  ESU001.013 - Larry Boylan

  ESU001.014 - John E. Visser

  ESU001.015 - Robert E. Glennan

  ESU001.016 - Kay Schallencamp

  ESU001.017 -  John O. Schwenn

  ESU001.018 - Michael R. Lane

  ESU001.019 - H. Edward Flentje

  ESU001.020 - Michael D. Shronrock

ESU002 – President’s Office

            ESU002.001 – Equal Opportunity

            ESU002.002 – Intercollegiate Athletics

            ESU002.003 – Public Affairs and Marketing

                        ESU002.003.001 – Printing Services

            ESU002.004 – Renaissance Group

            ESU002.005 – University Advancement

                        ESU002.005.001 – Alumni Relations

                        ESU002.005.002 – Emporia State University Foundation


ESU003 – Academic Affairs

            ESU003.001 – Lifelong Learning

            ESU003.002 – Technology and Computing Services

            ESU003.003 – School of Business

                        ESU003.003.001 – MBA Program

                        ESU003.003.002 – Richel Computer Lab

                        ESU003.003.003 – Accounting and Computer Information Systems

                        ESU003.003.004 – Business Administration and Education

                        ESU003.003.005 – Business Advising Center

                        ESU003.003.006 – Center for Insurance Education

                        ESU003.003.007 – Small Business Development Center

            ESU003.004 – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

                        ESU003.004.001 – Art

                        ESU003.004.002 – Biological Sciences

                        ESU003.004.003 – Communication and Theater

                        ESU003.004.004 – English

                                    ESU003.004.004.001 – Student Publications : Bulletin

                                    ESU003.004.004.002 – Student Publications : Sunflower

                        ESU003.004.005 – Math, Computer Sciences and Economics

                        ESU003.004.006 – Modern Languages and Literature

                        ESU003.004.007 – Music

                        ESU003.004.008 – Nursing

                        ESU003.004.009 – Physical Sciences

                        ESU003.004.010 – Social Sciences

                        ESU003.004.011 – Sociology and Anthropology

                        ESU003.004.012 – Center for Economic Education

                        ESU003.004.013 – Ethnic/Gender Studies Program

                        ESU003.004.014 – Center for Great Plains Studies

                        ESU003.004.015 – Science and Math Education

                        ESU003.004.016 – Home Economics

            ESU003.005 – School of Library and Information Sciences

            ESU003.006 – University Libraries and Archives

                        ESU003.006.001 – Dean of University Libraries and Archives’ Office

                                    ESU003.006.001.001 – William Allen White Children’s Book  Award

  ESU003. - William Allen White Children’s Book Award Master Lists

                                    ESU003.006.001.002 – University Libraries and Archives Advisory Committee

                        ESU003.006.002 – Administrative Team

                        ESU003.006.003 – Fiscal Operations and Acquisitions

                        ESU003.006.004 – University Archives

                        ESU003.006.005 – Systems and Technical Services

                        ESU003.006.006 – William Allen White Library Access Services

                        ESU003.006.007 – William Allen White Library Collection Development Team

                        ESU003.006.008 – William Allen White Library Information and Instructional Services

            ESU003.007 – The Teachers College

                        ESU003.007.001 – Counselor Education and Rehab Programs

                        ESU003.007.002 – Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education

                        ESU003.007.003 – Health, Physical Education and Recreation

                        ESU003.007.004 – Instructional Design and Technology

                        ESU003.007.005 – Office of Professional Education Services

                        ESU003.007.006 – Psychology and Special Education

                        ESU003.007.007 – School Leadership / Middle School and Secondary Teacher Education

                        ESU003.007.008 – Center of Early Childhood Education

                        ESU003.007.009 – Community Counseling Services

                        ESU003.007.010 – National Teacher’s Hall of Fame

                        ESU003.007.011 – Resource Center

                        ESU003.007.012 – Industrial Arts / Industrial Arts Education

                        ESU003.007.013 – Jones Institute for Educational Excellence

                                    ESU003.007.013.001 – Reading Recovery

ESU003.007.014 - Alternate Route / Restricted License Program

ESU003.007.015 - General Records

ESU003.007.016 - Administration

ESU003.007.017 - Publications

ESU003.007.018 - Kansas Master Teacher Award

ESU003.007.019 - Thomas S. Butcher Children's School

            ESU003.008 – Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, Graduate Studies

                        ESU003.008.001 – Assessment and Educational Measurements

                        ESU003.008.002 – Disability Services

                        ESU003.008.003 – Graduate Studies

                        ESU003.008.004 – Honors Program

                        ESU003.008.005 – International Education

                        ESU003.008.006 – Registration

                        ESU003.008.007 – Student Advising Center

                        ESU003.008.008 – Teaching Enhancement Center

            ESU003.009 – Faculty Senate


ESU004 – Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

            ESU004.001 – Business Affairs

            ESU004.002 – Facility, University

                        ESU004.002.001 – Albert Taylor Hall

                        ESU004.002.002 – Building Services, Utilities and Services Maintenance

                        ESU004.002.003 – Mail Center

                        ESU004.002.004 – Physical Plant

                        ESU004.002.005 – Police and Safety

            ESU004.003 – Fiscal Affairs

            ESU004.004 – Human Resources


ESU005 – Student Affairs

            ESU005.001 – Admissions

            ESU005.002 – Career Services

            ESU005.003 – Financial Aid, Student

            ESU005.004 – Health Center

            ESU005.005 – Memorial Student Union

                        ESU005.005.001 – Bookstore

                        ESU005.005.002 – Center for Student Involvement

ESU005. - Harmonious Voices of Praise

ESU005. - Nu Tau Sigma

ESU005.005.002.003 - Union Acitivity Council

ESU005.005.002.004 - Community Hornets

            ESU005.006 – Recreation Services

            ESU005.007 – Residential Life

            ESU005.008 – Student Life and Counseling

                        ESU005.008.001 – Drug and Alcohol Resistance Training

            ESU005.009 – TRIO Programs

                        ESU005.009.001 – Student Support Services (Project Challenge)

                        ESU005.009.002 – Upward Bound, Emporia (Project Success)

                        ESU005.009.003 – Upward Bound, St. Joseph, MO (Project Focus)


ESU006 – Records Issued by Multiple Offices/Record Groups

            ESU006.001 – Campus Telephone Directories

            ESU006.002 – Classified Assembly

    ESU006.003 - Neosho River Free School / Learning Connection

            ESU006.004 – Roosevelt High School

    ESU006.005 - Unclassified Commission


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