ESU University Libraries and Archives Service Philosophy 

The Vision of the University Libraries and Archives states that "The needs of library users - pedagogical, intellectual, and recreational - are fully supported and encouraged by a staff focused on providing the highest quality service possible." To support this vision, personnel of the library have created and subscribed to the following service philosophy.

In striving to provide the highest quality service possible and to meet the needs of library users to their fullest extent, all library personnel will exert every effort to:

  • Think of the customer first making prompt service a priority.

  • Take personal responsibility for providing service that is convenient to the customer, efficient and is tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

  • Listen to customers,a nd anticipate, meet and at times exceed customer needs to Build long-term customer relationships.

  • Bring energy to everything we do- remember that we choose our attitude every day

  • Work with colleagues in a professional manner, utilizing individual strengths to create the best possible library atmosphere and using teamwork to accomplish goals.

  • Live up to commitments by keeping promises and admitting mistakes.

  • Remember that we are all human and that each individual that comes into the library is important and unique.

  • Follow through with tasks and requests to ensure that customer needs are met.

Our intent is to earn and maintain the respect of the entire campus community. The University Libraries and Archives would like to promote trust in our department and establish open lines of communication and collaborative working relationships with the campus community. IT is our desire to foster and intellectual atmosphere that assists in creating a satisfactory experience for the students, faculty, and staff of Emporia State University. Customer satisfaction is our goal!