Library Printing Policy with SkyPrint


SkyPrint is an easy-to-use printing solution for students, employees, and campus visitors that can be found in many convenient locations across the Emporia State University campus. You can now print from ESU computers OR your personal devices in

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Upload Your Print Job to SkyPrint

Step 2: Locate a SkyPrint Station on Campus

Step 3: Log into the SkyPrint release station, select and release your job!.

ESU Students get 100 FREE Pages! All Emporia State University students enrolled for Fall 2013 will automatically start out with 100 FREE Pages (or up to 200 pages if you duplex!) in their SkyPrint account.

SkyPrint costs $0.08 per sheet of paper. Please note that this is per sheet of paper and not per print. That means you can get more bang for your buck if you duplex (print front-and-back) your print jobs!

Need to print more? That's OK! You can easily add funds to your SkyPrint account using either the online payment transfer method (when logged into the SkyPrint services) or by visiting either the Memorial Union ID Office, or the IT Help Desk to purchase additional SkyPrint Credits.

At this time (Fall 2013), all SkyPrint stations are Black & White printing only. As the SkyPrint program grows, we will continue to gather feedback from students to help determine what features should come next.


1.William Allen White Library: One Printer is in the Learning Commons and the other is on 2nd Floor.

2.Memorial Union: Outside the CSI Offices

3.Twin Towers Resident Hall: In the Towers Complex Lobby.

4.Newman Division of Nursing: In the Nursing Library.

5.Cremer Hall: Richel Learning Spaces (Cremer Hall 193).

How do I use SkyPrinter?

Students and ESU Employees can print to any of the SkyPrint locations from either their personal devices (when connected to the Internet) OR from ESU computer labs and HornetStation kiosks across campus. Check out these short video tutorials and instructional documents on how to use SkyPrint: Click Here for Tutorials!

SkyPrint services are currently unavailable to visitors.

Common Questions

Click HERE! for information on how to log into SkyPrint.

Click HERE! for information on how to add Credit (Money) to your account.

To request a refund: There are 2 ways to request a refund:

1. You may login to your SkyPrint account to request the refund. Please see the attached document for detailed instructions.

2. You can request a refund by bringing your failed print job to either the main IT Help Desk (located in Cremer Hall 150) or at the IT Help Desk kiosk (located in the William Allen White Library on nights and weekends).

The following are acceptable reasons for refund to be given: 1) Low toner, 2) Paper jam, 3) Damaged paper, 4) Lines in Print, and/or 5) Quality of Prints.

Refunds will not be given for print errors made by the person printing (such as pages or print options being set up incorrectly or printing of blank pages).

Refunds are not instantaneous. If a refund is approved by the IT Help Desk, a ticket will be submitted for the SkyPrint administrator to credit the account. This can take 24-48 business hours to computer.

Refunds will be given in the form of SkyPrint credits from within the SkyPrint system.

For any further questions please contact the IT Help Desk at...

Be emailing

By calling 620-341-5555

By Visiting Cremer Hall (8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.) or William Allen White Library (6:00p.m.-9:00p.m.)