Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information

You will find a complete listing of all departments and employees in our library directory.


The library does not have a public fax machine. However, there is one available at the Information Desk in the Memorial Union.


We welcome feedback, as it helps us to better serve your needs. We encourage you to use our comments form for this purpose.

Hours: What Are the Library Hours?

Click here for the libraries hours.

Lost and Found

Personal items found in the library are taken to the Circulation desk on the 2nd floor. You may ask the staff to see if they have the lost item.

Student Assistants: Is the library hiring?

Check the Jobs for Students link for the most updated information about ESU student employment, including opportunities in the Libraries and Archives.

White Awards

Established in 1952 at Emporia State University by Ruth Garver Gagliardo, these awards are given to authors whose books receive the most votes from the children of Kansas in grades 3-5 and 6-8. It honors William Allen White, late editor and owner of the Emporia Gazette and one of Kansas' most distinguished and beloved citizens.

Vending Machines

The vending machines are located in the Learning Commons area of the library. There is a coffee/hot chocolate machine, a snack machine, and a drink machine.

Accessing and Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan: How can I get materials that the library doesn't own?

You can borrow materials from other institutions by requesting them through an interlibrary loan. Please see our directions and guidelinesfor more information.

Online Resources

Our online databases can be accessed (here). Off-campus users will need to log in with their Buss-In username and password before using these resources.

Holds and Recalls: Is there anyways I can request an item that's already checked out?

Yes, you may recall an item if necessary. Materials that are checked out for more than two weeks can be recalled. You will be notified when the materials are returned and they will be held for you at the Circulation Desk for one week. In addition, you may also place a hold on an item that you anticipate checking out in the near future. Contact Circulation at (620) 341-6680 or 5206 to set up a recall or a hold.

Renewing Library Materials

You can access My Library Account at Log in with your Buzz-In user name and password, and you will see not only the number of materials you have checked out, but also their due dates. You can choose either to renew all the materials, or only certain ones. Please note, though, that online renewal does not apply to materials you have borrowed from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan. You can call Circulation at 620-341-5205 or Candy Johnson at 620-341-5050.

Full Text Availability

Q: I found a citation for a journal article in one of the databases, but the piece isn't available as a full text document. Am I out of luck?

A: Not necessarily. Try the Journals link at and search by the title of the periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper). That will tell you if the full text is available in another database or if the library owns the periodical in a physical format. Even if the full text is available in a database, though, it is important be sure the date coverage of the database matches the exact date of the article you seek. If you qualify as a distance education student, you can request a scanned copy of an article in print or microform to be sent to your ESU E-mail address. To do so, please use our Interlibrary Loan link.