Courses in Leadership Studies

Spring 2017 Offerings

Summer 2017 Offerings

Fall 2017 Offerings


Minor Plan of Study


Core courses 

LR 170: Principles of Leadership

LR 280: Leadership in a Diverse Society

LR 375: Leadership Experience

LR 495: Leadership Capstone


Elective courses

LR 111: Leading with Purpose (half semester & one credit hour)

LR 121: Leading in Teams (half semester & one credit hour)

LR 131: Leading in Organizations (half semester & one credit hour)


LR 270: Applying Principles of Leadership

LR 275: Readings in Leadership

LR 370: Leading in Group/Team Dynamics

LR 470: Global Leadership


LR 300: Special Topics in Leadership Studies

LR 490: Independent Study


PI 301: Ethics

BU 293: Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

SP 303: Organizational Communication

SP 315: Small Group Communication

SP 362: Social Movements

CW 111: Honors Leadership Seminar