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Competencies in Leadership

We focus in the Leadership Studies Center on developing students’ skills in seven distinct areas:

The consciousness of yourself and knowing the values, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that motivates one to take action.

Thinking, feeling and behaving with consistency, genuineness, and honesty with yourself and toward others.

Involvement and investment produces the energy required to sustain an intrinsic dedication for a person, idea or activity.

Utilizing the unique talents of each member in a group to achieve creative solutions.

Shared Purpose
Common goals and values facilitate a shared vision within a group.

Controversy with Civility
Differences in viewpoints is inevitable, but honest resolution can lead to a shared purpose.

Active engagement to serve the community leads to a sense of social responsibility.

Adapted from Astin A.W. and Astin, H.S. (1996). A social change model of leadership development guidebook. Version III. Los Angeles, CA: Higher Education Research Institute.