Day 15 Jayme and Bo

May 30, 2011

Man!  We cannot believe these past two weeks have already come and gone!  Right now we are at the Newark Airport waiting to depart for KC!  We are all just reflecting and chatting as we prepare to say goodbye to each other.  Our two big projects this trip were restorations to a monastery that houses orphans and a homeless shelter for over 100 men.  We have come a long ways on our journey.  We have overcame many obstacles and challenges, and we have arrived back here in the United States as changed people.  We all have new perspectives and brand new appreciation for everything that we have and everything that we can do.  We are all very lucky to be Americans after witnessing the hardships that many people have to endure in Europe.  Many of us back here in the U.S. don't realize how good we have it here.  We hope that with our service learning projects and good behavior in Eastern Europe we have left a positive impression about Americans.  Since when we first arrived the opinion of Americans was not the best.  Through our time on this trip we were told by several people that we are always welcome to come back.  This was one aspect that made this trip worthwhile.  This trip was a real life changing experience, and I think that we all can agree that we learned a little about ourselves as individuals as well.

It was amazing getting to work with such a great group of young men and women.  They have grown so much throughout this trip.  It was not always easy, and we had our ups and downs, but through our debriefings we were able to work through our difficulties and learn to communicate with different types of people.  

Throughout our time in Europe, we did many things that will impact our lives forever.  When we look back later on in life, we can go back and read our journals or view our pictures of the many different things we did while we were in Europe. It will forever be a lasting memory.  We would like to thank everyone that helped provide for us to go on this trip; our families, Emporia State University, Phi Beta Dingo, Habitat for Humanity, and Father Juan at the monastery in Prague.  We definitely feel like world travelers, and we now are more experienced for future trips outside of the United States.  

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