Day 11 Gerri and Adam

May 26, 2011

Today, we bid farewell to the beautiful city of Budapest and headed for Krakow, Poland on a train.  This entailed a 17 hour day, 3 connecting trains, and a lot of leadership development and bonding.  Unfortunately, we had not planned for one of the trains to break down and the other to be cancelled, but thanks to our tour guide, Beau, we purchased new tickets and made it to Krakow safe and sound.  Even though we didn't expect the train to be cancelled, we transformed and adapted to the situation and everyone remained very positive. 

Throughout the day there were many different struggles.  We had the opportunity to observe servant leadership many times by our Professor and tour guide Beau.  Taylor took on the challenge to help a stranger lift and carry her bag down the stairs at the train station.  This helped us see how important the little things are.  Here again we can really make a difference.  Furthermore, our friend Beau really stepped up in helping us transition from train to train and stayed positive throughout the whole process. 

In the end, it was a long day, but there were so many opportunities to grow within ourselves.  We even took the time while waiting to assess how we were feeling.  This opportunity helped us to identify our struggles and how it related to the cultural experience we are getting here in Europe.  We have been blessed to get the chance to observe a cultural experience.  The different perspectives given by our peers are helping us relate the leadership theories, such as transformational leadership, social change, and servant leadership, to our everyday lives.

-Gerri and Adam

Jayme, Mary, and Taylor.

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