Day 12 Alice and Jordan

May 27, 2011

We started out our first full day in Krakow, Poland by hopping into four vehicles used during the communist reign with "Crazy Tour" guides. The four guides drove around the less beaten path of the city, showing us the places that most tourists do not get to see. First, we went to a restaurant in Nowa Huta, a district of Krakow, that has been untouched since the reign of communism. The interior, as well as the patrons are still the same as they were 20 years ago when Stalin was reigning over Poland. Next, we went to a man made hill, made in the time of the Peagans, this hill offered a panoramic view of the city. The next stop was the Jewish Quarters where we were told a little bit about the history of the Nazi Occupation and the effects it had on Krakow. The tour guides offered diverse stories about living under communist reign, as well as one of our tour guides having a personal connection to Auschwitz because his great great grandfather was sent to that camp and died three months later.

After our tour of Krakow, the group went to Oscar Schindler's Enamle Factory Museum. Schindler was a man who owned an enamel factory in Krakow, and saved thousands of Jewish people during the Holocaust by allowing them to work in his factory. This museum went through in chronological order from 1939 to 1945, covering the Nazi Occupation in Krakow. It showed what life was like before, during, and after the Nazi Occupation and had interactive exhibits with survivors' testimonies. It also had historical artifacts like Schinlder's desk, Nazi uniforms, and many of the pots and pans that were made during the operation of the factory.

Today, our group experienced a lot of relational leadership, which is the theory that a leader has to develop relationships. This theory focuses on five primary components which are purpose, ethical, empowering, inclusive, and process. The process of human connection, or developing relationships, must have a purpose´╗┐. The relationship must be empowering, ethical, and inclusive. Our group has been experiencing this the whole trip while building relationships with each other, our professors, tour guides, and people we meet on the streets. Today, our tour guides did the process of relational leadership. The purpose was to make sure we learned about Krakow while having a good time. They empowered us by helping us learn and were inclusive by connecting personal stories with our own background. This was all ethical because it was a buisness situation.

Overall, we had fun today. We learned a lot about Krakow, and we were able to see what World War II was like from a different country's perspective.

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