Day 10 Bo and Jayme

May 25, 2011

Today we only had one thing planned in the itinerary, and that was to visit the U.S. Embassy.  Until about 1 p.m., everyone was able to sleep in or spend the last morning in Budapest doing whatever they wanted.  One group went to one of the local hot baths where many locals spend their time which is pretty equivalent to Americans at the gym. There were showers, lockers, a sauna and seven pools that people could choose from.  They claim the water has healing power and many people go to the hot baths to help with medical issues they are having or they just go to relax. There were many of us that went to the hot baths and they felt that they were awesome, and that they really did work. Other people that decided not to go to the hot baths either, went exploring around Budapest or else they just stayed in the hotel and relaxed before the visit to the U.S. Embassy.   

The U.S. Embassy was our chance to step back on American soil and to also learn our rights as Americans abroad and how we could go about getting a temporary passport if the case need be.  We spoke to John who was a councilman between the U.S.  and Hungary.  He works on the understanding of cultures between our country and theirs.  He also gave us all information about how he started his career as a councilman.  He has been to several different countries serving as a councilman at a U.S. Embassy. Some of the places he has served in include:  Yemen, Iraq, and Hungary.  After he finished telling us the story of how he started his career, he informed us on how we could get involved and do the same line of work that he does. After this, he opened the floor and allowed us to ask him questions.

Visiting US Embassy in Budapest

Bo- I really enjoyed this experience today.  Being a political science major, this kind of stuff really interests me. Listening to how John got started doing this kind of work, really sparked an interest in me, and made me think that maybe someday I would like to do the same thing he does.  It was also really good to hear our rights as US citizens traveling into other countries.  

Jayme- Well - first off I LOVED the hot bath!  I wish I could build one in my own back yard!  After visiting the US Embassy, I also realized what a sacrifice people will make to do their jobs.  I could not imagine if the person I loved had a job like that and had me and our kids all over the world.  It would be a great experience, but I do not know how they do it.  He also got his position in not so much of a normal way.  He basically started low, made the right connections, and worked his way up. This is a huge render to build bridges, not burn any, and to keep networking and meeting people.

Today’s activity really ties back in with networking.  It’s not what you know - its who you know, and in John’s case it is evident.  He obviously has worked hard to get where he is at and is very well respected.  If we can continue to reach out locally or globally, we can make those connections.  Obviously this entire week we have done just that.  Now we have to go back home and practice networking without a crutch.

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