Day Four Will and Jess

May 20, 2011

Today’s euro adventures ‘czeched’ us in to a small village, Kutná Hora, about an hour and a half outside of Prague. Once through the countryside, we visited a few out of the ordinary places. Of course, everything is out of the ordinary to all of us in the Czech Republic. This village reminds us we are not in Kansas anymore.

The morning started by meeting Edgar, our tour guide, for a walking view of Kutná Hora. We could not have asked for a better guide for our Prague visit. Edgar was raised in Prague all his life and experienced life during the communistic rule.  He studied Chemical Engineering while at the University and in retirement, he decided to become a global citizen by sharing his insight and the history of Prague to travelers as a tour guide.

We had the opportunity to visit Kostnice Ossuuary Beinhaus. We affectionately refer to this place as the “Bone Church”. The Czech phrase “Memento Mori,” meaning remember your mortality, adorns the Church entrance. This church is decorated from floor to ceiling in human bones. These bones are to remind the people in the town that we all die and to appreciate life while you have it.

Kostnice Ossuuary Beinhaus.

Our beginning perspectives about this Gothic style church were vastly different then what you see above.

Will: “The way Edgar explained the church and the way I imagined it was vastly different. I imagined a couple of human remains like a few bones or skeletons, but nope, I was completely wrong.” Jess did crack the funniest joke in the group,  “Come on crew, we have a bone to pick.”

So through all the humor, this experience truly hit a home run on the meaning for this class. Perspective. By definition perspective is a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface. As students, we all depict things in different ways due to our backgrounds, personal beliefs, and experiences. As Americans, we truly are self-centered. Just because we go to school in the middle of Kansas does not mean we need to feel like we are the center of the world. We truly have to be able to accept others for their beliefs, their customs, and their language.  We need to embrace these ideas and take them to heart. As leaders, we should accept this as a life changing motto, or a new global leadership vision.  A true ‘ah-hah’ moment. We need to continue to think, to change, and to realize the world is not stagnant, but ever changing.

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