Day two Jordan and Alice

May 17, 2011

Wenceslas Square

Today was the second day of the trip, but the first day of actually exploring Prague, or as the locals say Praha. After an eventful bus ride to the hotel, Hotel Fortuna City, we arrived, dropped our bags off, and headed to catch the Trolley to go to Olde Towne Square, which is the heart of the city. The group split in two; some of the group ate at an Italian restaurant and the others ate at a Czech restaurant that served traditional dishes such as ham with potato pancakes with a sweet and sour cabbage side dish and goulash, which is beef chunk skewered in a brown sauce. Next, the two small groups went on a scavenger hunt to find monuments or historical markers throughout the city. One of the groups started off by walking across Charles Bridge, a famous bridge built in the 15th century, to St. Nick’s Cathedral, while the other group started at the National Museum.  We ran into each other at Olde Towne Square and took pictures in front of the astronomical clock. The teams wandered around Olde Town taking in the sites and people. One of the groups saw many different people who were bent down with their faces covered and hats out for collecting money. This was a first hand experience for some of the travelers facing the bystander effect. Because of this cultural un-awareness, the travelers did not know if the person was injured or just wanted money. When we think about the bystander effect, servant leadership comes to mind because if the person really was injuried we would have needed to help him immediately, and with him not being injured the type of help would not have needed to be so immediate. If we work to eliminate the bystander effect we are truly serving others.    After the scavenger hunt was over, we all headed back to the hotel and had a break until 6:00 o’clock pm. Then we took the metro train back to Olde Towne where we had our welcome dinner at a pub full of  Soviet Memorabilia. This restaurant offered traditional Czech meals as well as cheeseburgers and other American food.

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