Elections for Vacated Positions on the Advisory Committee  

In the case that an elected member of the Advisory Committee, with the exception of Immediate Past Moderator, cannot serve his or her term for any part of the year due to leave of absence, sabbatical, leaving the university, or other circumstances, the following election procedures will be invoked. It will be the responsibility of the Advisory Committee to ensure that the College is informed of the need for elections, to serve as the Nominating Committee for this special election, and to prepare a slate of nominees to be announced at least one week prior to the Assembly meeting. The Advisory Committee, in preparing the slate, shall gather departmental nominations, and shall consider representations of disciplinary interest, academic rank, and other diversity in the faculty. No more than two faculty members from a department, and no faculty member carrying substantial administrative responsibilities shall be eligible for election. Members of the Advisory Committee are eligible to be placed on the slate of nominees.  In the event that a member of the current Advisory Committee is on the slate of nominees for a vacated position, the Advisory Committee will prepare a second slate of nominees to be used in case the member of the Advisory Committee is elected to the vacated position, which would result in another vacated position. A second election would be held at that same meeting to fill the newly vacated position.  Nominations may be made from the floor of the Assembly.  If the Immediate Past Moderator cannot serve, the Past-past Moderator will be asked to serve.  If that person cannot serve, then the position will remain vacant and a new election for the vacated position to the Provost Advisory Committee will be held (see section IX).