Chronic Low Performance: College Level Performance Review Procedure

Passed: January 19, 2006

Before the final college assembly each spring, the Dean's Advisory Committee shall randomly select 20 tenured teaching faculty members from the college, excluding department chairs and the associate dean. These names will be announced at the final assembly in the order in which they were selected. The names of faculty serving on the Dean's Advisory Committee will be removed from the pool of eligible faculty. As a case arises the Moderator shall call the selected faculty and inform them of the name of the alleged low performer and ask if there is any reason for the person selected to disqualify himself/herself, such as conflict of interest or relationship with the alleged low performer. Should any individuals disqualify themselves, their names shall be removed from consideration for that case only. The names of tenured faculty selected by the above procedure shall be presented at a meeting held for the purpose of selecting a Performance Review Committee (PRC). Attending this meeting will be the alleged low performer and the Moderator, Secretary, and the past Moderator of the Dean's Advisory Committee.

At the meeting, the alleged low performer will be presented a list of the first 5 faculty on the list of 20. The alleged low performer will be allowed to remove a name for cause or without cause. The three members of the Advisory Committee who are present will adjudicate cause. As a name is removed, the next name on the list of 20 will be added to again provide a list of 5, and the alleged low performer will be allowed to remove any name from the new list. This process will continue until a list of five names from the list of 20 is chosen. The alleged low performer will be allowed to remove a total of two names without cause. There is no restriction on the number of names that can be removed for cause. The alleged low performer will also have the right to strike preemptively from the list the name of any person who served on the department's evaluation committee.

In the unlikely event that the list of 20 is exhausted, a new list of 20 will be generated by the same procedure. This process will be used for each case that comes before the College Level Performance Review Committee. Faculty who serve on one Performance Review Committee during the academic year will not be eligible to serve again that year. All proceedings are confidential.