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R. Brent Thomas, Ph. D.


R. Brent Thomas, Dean, LA & S

Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences


Butcher Education Center 001 (lower level)

(Work) 620-341-5278

(Fax) 620-341-5681

Email Address: rthomas2@emporia.edu

Twitter feed: @ESU_LAS_DEAN

It is my privilege to welcome you to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I am honored to work with about 145 faculty members distributed across eleven academic departments and six special programs. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is responsible for providing most of the courses within the general education curriculum. In addition, our college offers a broad array of majors, minors, certificates, and Master’s programs. Therefore, we provide students with opportunities to specialize in a number of fields and to develop long-standing interests or discover new passions. I encourage you to explore these opportunities through our webpages or through a visit to our campus.


R. Brent Thomas


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