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Culture & Immigrant Mini-Documentaries

Educating Bhutanese Students in Kansas

Ran Poudel is a Nepali-speaking Bhutanese refugee who works as an interpreter for Catholic Charities in Kansas City.  The Bhutanese refugee population is growing steadily in Kansas, especially the northeastern part of the state,  as of 2012.  Mr. Poudel enlightens viewers with important information about this particular culture, which will serve educators or anyone working with this population very well on how to most effectively interact.

Running time: 11:05


Educating Burmese Students in Kansas

Father Chrysostom Ah Maung, a Catholic priest from the Wichita Diocese, explains to viewers important information about cultures in Burma and how educators can not only learn about their students' backgrounds, but also how to best help them adapt to schools in the United States.

Running time: 9:56


Educating Low German Speaking Mexican Mennonite Students in Kansas

Lisa Klassen is a migrant recruiter for Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. In this video, she is accompanied by her mother, Helena, who emigrated from Mexico with her family when her children were very young. Lisa gives a short history of the migration of the Low German-speaking Mennonites and Helena tells her personal story of coming to the United States. They explain the cultural differences both within the Low German community, as well as major differences with mainstream American culture. As of 2010, the vast majority of this population in Kansas has settled in the southwestern part of the state.

Running time: 8:37


Educating Mexican Students in Kansas

Tina Delarosa is the former director of the Kansas Hispanic and Latino Affairs Office. She is a native Kansan, born to Mexican parents, and is fully bilingual/bi-literate in both English and Spanish. Tina speaks openly about Mexican culture, and how educators can be more aware of such cultural differences so they can be best prepared to instruct the largest portion of our English Language Learner population.

Running time: 12:18


Educating Migrant Students in Kansas

Alex Hernandez-Castro is the Recruitment Coordinator for the Harvest of Hope Leadership Academy at the University of Kansas. Alex was raised by a migrant family in Kansas and discusses the challenges that migrant kids face. She provides excellent statistics and resources for educators to help ensure a more successful schooling experience for all migrant students. Migrant students can be found all across the state of Kansas and are a mix of ethnicities.

Running time: 10:13


Educating Somali Students in Kansas

Mohamed Abdurahman is the Kansas Regional Refugee Coordinator for Social Rehabilitation Services. He came from Somalia many years ago to work with refugee populations in the United States. In this video, Mohamed talks briefly about Somali history and current events, and he speaks extensively about cultural aspects that all educators working with Somali students would benefit by knowing. The Somali population is steadily growing in Kansas.

Running time: 13:55


Educating Sudanese Students in Kansas

Agostino Wol is from South Sudan, which gained its independence from Sudan in 2011. He came to Olathe, Kansas with his family when he was young.  Agostino remembers well the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life in Kansas and offers educators insight and counsel on how to better understand and instruct students from his culture.

Running time: 9:36


Educating Vietnamese Students in Kansas

Dr. Anh Tran, a professor at Wichita State University, tells her personal story of immigrating to the United States from Vietnam and shares valuable knowledge for educators about their Vietnamese students' culture.

Running time: 10:55