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Problems Viewing a Video?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please tell us what the the problem is. We will promptly try to fix it.


This page describes a few common problems and tells how to report them to us via e-mail.


Is the problem blurry or jumpy video or video that is not displaying at all? This can happen when—

- Your Internet connection is slow

- Internet traffic is heavy

- Not enough memory is available to your computer (closing other open programs or rebooting the computer can help)

- Your media player software needs updating.


Other things you may need to do include:

- Making sure your browser is enabled to view video clips

- Clear your browser's history

- Try an alternative browser


While those causes are beyond our control, we will try to resolve other issues. Please tell us:

- Which video is giving you problems (please include the full page address, for example,

- What the problem seems to be--the more details you supply, the better.

- What error messages, if any, are appearing on your computer screen.

- Which media player and version you are using, for example, Windows Media Player 9.


Please send your report to Terri Weast.