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IT provides support for public kiosks or terminals that users interact with for a specific purpose.  Unlike a regular PC, these are often designed for a single use and don't permit users to do other tasks.  Examples of HornetStations currently in use at ESU include:

  • Internet Kiosks (where a user can only browse the Internet)
  • Library Catalog (access the ESU library catalog system)
  • Single-Site Kiosk (ex. departmental Facebook or webpage)
  • Payment Kiosk (ex. access Buzz In and TouchNet for purposes of payment)
  • Printer Kiosks (ex. access and release print jobs)
  • SkyLab Kiosk (ex. access SkyLab virtual lab computer)


A new HornetStation includes the following components:

  • A thin client device (PC)
  • Thin Client PC license
  • Windows Server (IT may be able to provide this at no cost)
  • Security cable
  • Flat Panel Display or Touchscreen

Requesting a HornetStation


Departments requesting new HornetStations may contact the IT Helpdesk, x5555.  Upon making this request, the HornetStations team will meet with the requestor to review the components, costs, timeline and desired signage location(s).

View Current HornetStations

Examples of HornetStations are currently in use include in the Memorial Union (Internet Kiosks), WAW Library (Catalog and Printer Kiosks), and Cashiering (Facebook Kiosks). 





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