IT Service - Digital Signage

IT provides support for ESU's digital signage platform, called SCALA.  Digital signage uses large widescreen displays (ie. TV's) to show digital content including announcements, weather, and video.  The displays are usually mounted on a wall and in a space viewable by a large number of people.  The digital signage includes multiple software and hardware components.


  • Widescreen Dispay/TV
  • Player (PC device)
  • Scala Player License
  • Scala Designer License
  • Wall Mount for TV
  • Security Device for TV/Player
  • Network Connection
  • Power Outlet (2)
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB Extension Cable


Requesting New Signage

Departments requesting digital signage may contact the IT Help Desk, x5555.  Upon making this request, the Digital Signage team will meet with the requestor to review the components, costs, timeline and desired signage location(s).